Spring 2008 Fashion Trend: Nude Pumps

We started to see inklings of this trend mid-winter, but since Spring has arrived, the nude pump has become the go-to neutral shoe of the season. This makes us happy, because it’s a great transition shoe (doesn’t shout either winter or spring) and goes with just about everything. Best of all, the nude pump provides a fresh counterpoint to the bold patterns and vivid colors that are everywhere this season. Some tips on how — and how not — to wear them.

Tips for Wearing Nude Pumps

Pair them with: floral or patterned dresses; jeans, a t-shirt, and bright colored swing jacket; dress shorts and a pleated tunic top. You can do a neutral bag if you like, but we’re thinking a bright colored clutch would be our choice.

Don’t wear them with: beige/neutral from head to toe (bo-ring); colored stockings; a cocktail dress (uh, in general — too casual).

Buy them: Pick up this pair from Rampage for $42

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  1. tnj0427 says

    Love the shoe!!!! Not sure how it will look against my brown skin but I am going to at least try them on:-)
    Love the site!!

  2. Target-Addict says

    Ewwww!  Honestly, this trend screams “old lady” to me, sorry.  I go out of my way to avoid nude pumps.  And these shiny/plastic-y looking ones are especially horrid!

  3. someitaliangirl says

    Wow, I do like these, very understated for some of my brighter skirts… but this is the second time you’ve pointed me to something that’s sold out :-(

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