Spring Themed Maternity Clothes – Everything’s Coming Up Roses

With the sooner than expected spring thaw, it does seem like everything is coming up and out earlier than we thought, and the roses aren’t the only ones having all the fun!. But if you are currently with child, you may have been caught off guard, and find yourself exclaiming, “Mon dieu! Wait! I have nothing to wear to suit these warmer temps and sunny skies!” Well, fear not! We have your guide to the best maternity-wear for spring. Read on to get your floral on…

Top Spring Maternity Looks

Flower-Patterned Tank

Flower patterned tank $40.99 from Overstock.com

This is the perfect top to take you from the cooler temps of early spring straight through to those last hazy, lazy days of summer. Wear it now with a cardi and jeans, then wear it in July all on its own with a great pair of cutoffs. The cowl neck is uber flattering and what could be more cheerful than a splash of daisies?

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