Spring Planting: Budget Gardening Tip

As the temperatures begin to rise, it’s time to start thinking about your garden. Whether it’s a few pots on the terrace or balcony, or several yards of dirt in your backyard, you can start planning and planting now.

Starting plants from seed is more economical than purchasing already started plants, and is a good way to learn about horticulture. Planting a seed and watching it grow is rewarding and brings a sense of accomplishment to your gardening. It’s also a great way to get children involved in gardening. You can start them in commercially bought seed pots, halved egg shells in egg cartons, or in empty plastic yogurt, pudding, or takeout containers.

When you start seeds indoors depends on two factors: the type of seed and the last expected frost date for your zone. For a handy tool to help determine how early to start certain seeds based on your region’s last frost date, see the Weekend Gardener’s Grow Guide. This tool will tell you what you can plant now so you can jump start your spring vegetable garden.

Photo by: drumcpherson.com

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