Spring Fashion 2010: Fashionable Scarves

A patterned scarf is an easy way to add a bit of style to an otherwise basic outfit.  For those of you whose signature piece is a scarf, then you’ll be in heaven this season, as every major budget friendly fashion line from Gap to Target to New York Company feature Spring scarves. For those of you who have a personal “uniform” that pretty much consists of all black, these accessories are great for adding a bit of color to otherwise dark look.

My advice? Pick up a few in this season’s hottest print, floral, and don’t forget to swing by your local “Sally’s Boutique” (aka Salvation Army) or consignment shop to try and score vintage scarves for less than $5.


Spring Fashion Scarves

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  1. Marina says

    Hot scarf!!! Must have spring scarves. I am finding good sites to shop at. Landed on the budget fashionista first time and it gives great tips for shopping. I have stuck to 2-3 scarf online sites, Bella Mia, Yours Elegantly and Bloomingdales. I am a scarf lover! I wear different scarves in different styles everyday to work and in NY we need it!

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