Rompers: How to Wear the Grown Up Onesie

Rompers is one of those trends that’s hard to pull off if you’re over the age of, well, 22. We’re not saying that you can’t pull it off, just that’s it’s hard because the style is very much like a grown up onesie.

Tips for Wearing a Romper/Playsuit
- Limit your accessories to one key piece (bold statement necklace, embellished headband, etc)
- To dress it up, add a pair of pumps or for a more casual look, add a pair of caged sandals
- If you’re bit top heavy, look for versions with straps or sleeves, so you’re able to wear a bra for support.

Those Who This Style May NOT work for
- If you’re a person who has to go to the restroom alot, you definitely want to avoid this style.
- If you have thick knees or are self-conscious about your thighs, then you should leave this style alone.
- If you’re over a certain age (and if you have to ask, then you are) then it’s best to leave this style alone.

Great Summer Romper Picks