Spring Fashion 2008: Ruffles

Ruffles aren’t just for little girls at the moment—this spring they’re busting out on big girl blouses, knit tops and dresses all over (accessories, too). Some picks to help you get ruffled on a budget:


Ruffled Tie Front Top, $34, Twelve by Twelve

Two Pocket Ruffle Trim Dress, $24.50, Wet Seal

BCX Ruffled Texture Striped Blouse, $34, Macy’s

Xhiliration Crossbody Ruffle Tote, $16.99, Target

V-Neck Ruffle Dress, $16.50, Wet Seal

Purple Ruffle Front Top, $44, Torrid

Worthington Charmeuse Ruffled Blouse, $17.99, JC Penney

Plus Size Contrast Ruffle Front Shirt, $39.50, Lany Bryant

Ruffle Chiffon Dress, $29.99, Charlotte Russe


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  1. Tenacious says

    I love the Ruffle look especially the Red Ruffle dress from Wet Seal #5 (but junior sizes don’t work for me unfortunately) and the the 9th look (what store is offering that dress, it wasn’t listed??). I love both looks!

  2. Anonymous says

    Sorry about that Tenacious—it’s from Charlotte Russe for $29.99—the link is there now if you want to check it out!

  3. BigGirlBlue says

    I don’t mind the minimal ruffle look but like anything else, too much of a good thing turns it bad pretty quickly.

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