Spring Fashion Week 2007 Wrap Up: Colors for Spring


Every fashion season, the color forecasters at Pantone put out a book featuring the top color trends for the season and the thoughts of major designers on these colors. Below are the top color trends for Spring 2007.

If you have a color printer, print this entry out and take it with you when shopping the end of the season clearance sales at your favorite stores.

Top Color Trends for Spring 2007


Pantone 15-0326
c37 m7 y60 k0

Silver Peony
“A flesh color that will need to be paired with a darker color like black so you don’t look washed out”

Pantone 16-3801
c34 m21 y28 k0

“Welcome back green”

Pantone 14-1041
c8 m26 y70 k0

Opal Gray
“Gray’s comeback started this fall and continues into Spring 2007. It’s the new ‘neutral’”

Pantone 19-2924 c55 m97y14 k3

Golden Apricot
“A beautiful color that would be hard to match as a separate. If you’re going to buy this color buy it as a dress or complete outfit”

Pantone 13-0648
c13 m5 y72 k0

“This is my favorite color for spring. Although it’s muted, it’s a richer color than the others.”

Pantone 16-3929 c57 m28 y1 k0

Green Sheen
“Lime green. Be careful- this color has the potential to look “cheap”- especially when used with cotton”

Pantone 16-1220
c19 m38 y45 k5

“Blue is THE must have color for spring. This blue is not only beautiful, but works for most skin colors”

Pantone 16-1720
c1 m56 y29 k0

Café Creme
“Another flesh color, pair it with black or Hollyhock to break it up a bit”

Pantone 14-4318
c45 m9 y8 k0

Strawberry Ice
“This color works well for lawn flamingos.. but not for humans”

Pantone 14-4318
c45 m9 y8 k0

Sky Blue
“Another great blue color.
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