Great Spring Coats for Under $100

Hallejuah! Spring is finally here and after the winter we just had I think we all can agreed that it is so awesome to see the sun AND 70+ degree weather.  But before you break out your daisy dukes, remember that April can be a crazy month (snow storms have been known to sneak up on a fashionista in April) and you WILL need a coat. Not just any coat, but a cute spring coat in this season’s floral print or in a bright vibrant color, aka “Happy Color” that makes you smile as you walk down the street.

Great Spring Coats Under $100

1. The Rain Jacket,62&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=36&sort=-1&clr=Pink&mporgp=L0FTT1MvQVNPUy1SYWluLU1hYy1XaXRoLUhlbm5hLVByaW50L1Byb2Qv

2. The New Trench

3. The Draped Coat

4. The Denim Jacket

5. The Classic Trend