Great Tips for Spring Closet Cleaning

Make sure you and your closet look your best, by culling out the old stuff, preserving your delicate clothing, and generally keeping your closet clean with these spring cleaning tips

Spring Closet Cleaning Tips

Don’t let your wardrobe become bloated in the first place: keep your closet recession-proof by saving money where you can.  The Budget Fashionista shared tips on Oprah, and of course, we want to share them with you!

Throw out that which you don’t need.  For example, know when the expiration dates for common household items are: its time to let go of that old foundation, mascara, and even unopened nail polish.

Clean the things that you keep, in a manner that preserves their lifespans.  For example, learn how to wash a cashmere sweater, substitute dry-cleaning for mere dollars-per-use, and stay eco-friendly with the chemical cleaning products you bring into your home. 

And, for the ultimate guide on closet cleaning, we looked to Jerry Pozniak, of Cameo Cleaners.  Prevent mold, moths, stains, misshaping clothing, and un-healthy storage.

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  1. shoeboxchic says

    You always have the best tips, deals and insider info!! However, this is inspiring. I badly need to clean out my closet. I think I wear the same thing over and over again because I cant find anything else in the big black pit that is my closet. I think I will start with my makeup and then move onto my clothes. With your tips I think this is a project I can finally take on!!

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