What to Buy Spring 2007: Baby Doll Dresses


One of the hottest trends for Spring/Summer is the Baby Doll dress. Personally, I can’t really wear them (they make me look like I’m preggers), however if you have a relatively flat stomach with ample bosom, this look can be both sweet and sexy. If you feel a bit too “old” for wearing the look as a dress, try pairing it with leggings for extra coverage.
Miss Chievous Braided-Trim Babydoll Dress, $28.00 at Macys.com


Victoria’s Secret Puff Sleeve Dress, $68.00
Cotton Eyelet Babydoll Dress, $29.50 at OldNavy.com (also in available in other colors)
V-neck Silket Dress, $69.00 at Zu-zu-b.com

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  1. Delilah Pearl says

    I love babydoll dresses. But I can’t wair them if they have an empire waist. I am petite with an AMPLE bossom so those dresses tend to make my cup runneth over!!! I pair plain silhouettes with a cute belt to show off my waist without looking too matronly. I just love dresses 😉

  2. says

    You’re not the only one who can’t wear those things! I am blessed with a generally flat expanse of abdomen and the one time I dared wear a babydoll on the bus a man offered me his “expectant mother” seat! They clearly bring out the maternity in all of us.

  3. Julie says

    Watching the fashion trends for the last few years just proves that designers are watching VH1’s “I Love the…” series. And now it looks like they’re onto the 90’s.

  4. Kari says

    I thought I was the only one who felt this way about babydoll dresses, esp. w/ empire waistline. They. Make. Women. Look. Bigger. Than. They. Are. Which would be fine for people with Twiggy bodies, but for EVERYONE ELSE…not so much! I have ample chest and small waist and slender hips, babydoll dresses tend to make me look like I’m 12. I can wait for the next “innovation” fashion brings out, I’m sorry but I have to pass on this one…

  5. Karolina says

    Thank you so much TBF I think ZuZu B is my new favorite clothes site.See this is why I think you’re amazing you always find great things…

  6. Anne says

    WHY would any woman want to look pregnant when she’s not?!  These would have been perfect for me, eight years ago, when I was pregnant with my daughter.  Now, fuhgeddaboutit!  I’ll rock a shirt dress if I can find one that both fits and flatters – meaning the placket doesn’t gape open between the buttons at the bustline or hips.

  7. says

    I love the concept of baby doll dresses, but they end up making me look pregnant. The key is to find one with a GREAT cut.

    Also, ‘baby doll’ looks great on women who love their legs, shoulders, and chest, but wish to hide maybe a rounder stomach.

    Dresses are so simple and easy to wear. PERFECT for the summer, no matter the cut.

  8. says

    I am in total agreement with the whole idea that this style makes most of us look “preggers.” I am having great difficulty this season even buying new shirts because they all seem to come in this style also.

    And, everything seems to be either designed for 18 yr olds or ladies who hold their AARP card. Where’s the clothes for us in-betweens?

    Does anyone out there have suggestions for great looking tops for us 30-something age women?

  9. Courtney says

    The waist it one of the most beautiful parts of a woman’s figure.  This style only conceals it.  It’s called “baby doll” for a reason—that’s the only thing it belongs on.

  10. Rachel says

    I have yet another reason for not wearing babydoll dresses.  I am pear shaped with very heavy legs but a thin waist.  Most people never notice how big my legs are until I try a silhouette like this and they assume that everything under the dress is also huge.

    Although in drapey fabrics I must defend them for their ability to keep Haley and her legs on American Idol until the top 8, despite the lack of vocal talent.!

  11. Fred says

    Went to take GF out to eat.. She comes out with one of these babydoll things on.  I asked her why she was wearing maternity clothes.  Told her I did not want to be seen with her in preggo clothes.  She changed to something very nice…capri pants and cute top.  Told her we could burn the babydoll dresses tomorrow.  I predict this style will not last 3 months cause 98% of women will not look go in them.  Who wants to look preggo when they are not?

  12. Maryann says

    You guys are right. i’ve always been extremely chesty im talkin bout C cups by 6th grade. they dont stop growin!!! well everytime i try one on i have to go in an extremely bigger size than what i am and on top of that im only like 5’ 2” i look like a pregnant dwarf if i wear those dresses, they’re just too cute to say no too.

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