Top 5 Trends You’ll Love For Spring

Having a spectacular spring always starts with the right style.┬áLuckily, spring is not only a season, but an entire collection in the world of fashion. Here’s what and how to look your freshest when everything else is in bloom.

5 Spring 2014 Fashion Trends to Love!

Boxy Cropped Jackets. At first thought I’m sure you’re thinking “Oh-No,” but trust me, see how this little top can flatter just about any body. The idea is that you must have something long on underneath – weather it’s tucked or let loose, don’t shorten your torso even more. Elongate! Try it on for under $30 at Forever21.

Shift Blouse. Show off your waist with high-waisted pants, shorts, or skirts. Wear with a dress to make your own one-of-a-kind design. Test it out at Forever21 for under $16.

Collar-less Coats. Who needs it? It’s spring, show off your neck. Love this black bomber jacket from H&M for $29.95 – wear it with shorts or a dress for a badass pretty-girl look.

Tea-Skirts. Finally – comfortable and free! The key is to wear it at your real waist – no resting on the hips, ladies. Make sure it hits just above your ankle to show off just enough skin. Go ahead, take a twirl! Here at H&M for $29.95.

Head-to-toe Florals. Yep. From your shirt to your shoes, get ready folks. Think flora and fauna, but only one piece at a time. Sandals from Modcloth for $40.



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