Fresh-Faced for Spring: Beauty Trends and Tips for Spring 2013

Break Out a Big Brow


Now is definitely the time to grow your brows!  Several spring runways including Marc Jacobs, Hervé Léger and Jason Wu featured the full look over the eyes.  Try a more structured arch to achieve extra drama.  And if you weren’t blessed with a bushy brow — fake it!  Use a pencil or shadow for extra fill.

Rouge Up with Really Rosy Cheeks


Again, it’s all about a superhealthy and radiant complexion.  Get yours by liberally applying blush around the apple of the cheek. You can even extend the rouge up to the eyelids for a fully feminine flush.

Make It Work with a Matte Lip


The sophisticated sister of the glossy lip makes her statement this spring.  A matte lip packs a powerful punch when applied to a hydrated lip.  Just make sure to steer clear of anything that promises 24-hour coverage.  Nothing should stay on your face for that long!

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