Spring Trend 2012 – Jewelry

Mixed Metals – So, what did you used to be? A golden girl or a silver lover? There was a time when you had to pick one, but those days are over! This trend has been around for a little while, but has only really picked up momentum and gone mainstream this season. A big part of this has to do with last Spring/Summer’s jewelry star: rose gold. Now, many of the most fashionable and well-loved designers out there are mixing metals not only in their collections, but within their actual pieces too. So, as you finish getting ready, why not pile ‘em on and mix ‘em up? An arm clad with a gold watch, stacks of rose gold bangles with silver rings (or any combination thereof) is a great way to embrace this trend with gusto! Or, if you’re not one to wear a lot of jewelry, how about a pair of earrings with a mix of silver and gold danglers? So, let us repeat – if only for emphasis – Go ahead! Mix your metals! And free yourself once and for all from a having to choose between those pieces you love!

Mixed Metals1. Mixed metal necklace $14.80 from Forever 21

2. Mixed metal bracelet $29.99 (down from 49.50) from Banana Republic

3. Jules Smith prism ring set $70 for three from Shopbop

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  1. Judy H. says

    Some of the “fruit bowl bright” jewelry on the first page looks like it came out of the bottom of the “everything $0.01″ bin at a dollar store.

  2. Tarere O says

    help me, i’m in my twenties just outta college n i don’t know what to wear to look sexy, confident, and strong that will b in my budget range. i feel totally out of style plus i’m real scared of looking too old for my age or too childish

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