Spring Trend 2012 – Jewelry

Nautical – Picking up on the sailor stripe which has been trending strong for the past few seasons, nautical inspired jewelry has been cropping up all over the place. Intricate knots, anchors, and beach motifs can be found on anything from rings to bracelets to earrings. What makes this jewelry trend incredibly fun is that it looks equally fab paired with the aforementioned sailor stripe top or dress, or as a stand alone piece, adding a hint of whimsy to a classic suit or skinny jeans and a T.

Nautical1. Starfish studs $17.99 from Amazon

2. Woven turnlock cuff $95.00 from Tory Burch

3. Sailor’s Knot hoops $68.00 from Kate Spade

4. Easy sailing ring $7.99 from Modcloth

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  1. Judy H. says

    Some of the “fruit bowl bright” jewelry on the first page looks like it came out of the bottom of the “everything $0.01” bin at a dollar store.

  2. Tarere O says

    help me, i’m in my twenties just outta college n i don’t know what to wear to look sexy, confident, and strong that will b in my budget range. i feel totally out of style plus i’m real scared of looking too old for my age or too childish

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