Spring Trend 2012 – Jewelry

If we know one thing for certain about spring fashions this year, it’s that color is trending strong! And this veritable fruit bowl of bright goodness is not limited to just the clothes we wear on our backs, but has extended beyond to the sparklies and baubles that adorn our necks, wrists, fingers, and earlobes. Jewelry trends for spring are popping with color! Nautical styles and lots of mixed metals are making their presence known as well. So for your viewing pleasure, we’ve rounded up our favorites that have already topped our must-have lists!

Jewelry to Wear this Spring

Turquoise and Tangerine Bib NecklaceTurquoise and tangerine bib necklace, $38.00 from Bauble Bar

Bold Baubles – Color isn’t just for the closet anymore. It has spilled over in to the jewelry box and we couldn’t be happier! This season’s crop of bright accessories are so cheery, and they add some pizzaz to any outfit. A colorful piece of jewelry can be just the right thing to complete your outfit, whether it’s an all-black ensemble or boldly color blocked outfit from head to toe.

Bold Baubles1. Bejewelled earrings $32.00 from Bauble Bar

2. Tomato red filigree cuff $38.00 from Nordstrom

Bold Baubles II3. Sunflower necklace $68.00 from J Crew

4. Multi-stone ring $24.99 (down from 49.90) from Mango

5. Three-row turquoise bracelet $3.50 from Charlotte Russe

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  1. Judy H. says

    Some of the “fruit bowl bright” jewelry on the first page looks like it came out of the bottom of the “everything $0.01” bin at a dollar store.

  2. Tarere O says

    help me, i’m in my twenties just outta college n i don’t know what to wear to look sexy, confident, and strong that will b in my budget range. i feel totally out of style plus i’m real scared of looking too old for my age or too childish

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