Sponsored Series: Adding Spring 2011 Fashion Trends to Your Work Wardrobe



photo: NYMag.com


This trend doesn’t seem intuitively one that is appropriate for the office, but you’d be surprised. The navy blues, greens and khakis that are synonymous with military are fabulous versatile neutrals for the workplace. Shop for military-inspired blouses with breast pockets and bold buttons and sweaters with military-style detailing, which can be tucked into slacks or a skirt. Also, belts are a must-have military-style accessory that can expertly cinch your waste over a sheath dress and cardi, and of course, even hold up your pants.

The High Waist:

Marc Jacobs High Waisted

Photo: Ny Mag


You’ve seen it on denim, you’ve seen on The Brady Bunch: We’re talking high-waisted pants. They’re everywhere and they’re a must have trend for this spring. Pair some high-waisted slacks with a tucked in blouse and belt and voila! You’re office and runway ready. This fashion has function, too. While with hip-hugging slacks you deal with the un-tucked shirt issue (you know, how every time you sit down your shirt needs to be re-tucked?), but a high waist will keep everything place. Even if you’re a little self-conscious about your new, slightly, uh, taller behind, throw on a cardigan and you’ll be a regular Audrey Hepburn.

The Full Skirt:

vena cava

Photo: NyMag


Less skin is more this spring and full skirts are back. We adore the modest, but still sexy mid-calf-length trend that exudes confident femininity. Absolutely perfect to wear to work, shop for flowy skirts a la the 1950’s. We love this trend because it’s flawless for any body type. Whether you’re curvier, bottom-heavy, or a string bean this will accentuate your waist and do you justice. Because these flared confections are not body-hugging you’ll need to be careful to pair them with fitted tops – try a shorter cardigan. tailored blazer or fitted blouse.

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