Sponsored Series: Adding Spring 2011 Fashion Trends to Your Work Wardrobe

You go to work everyday and you’re forced to conform to the standard work attire, which consists of slacks, skirts and button-up shirts. It’s boring and you’re over it. How about some originality? Well, we’ve officially decided that you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for professionalism. The new spring trends that you’ve been ogling in magazines don’t have to be limited to your weekend attire. Though we’re not condoning rocking your sexiest stuff at the workplace, we are going to give you the scoop on how to take five spring trends into the office. After all, doesn’t your workspace need a little bit of brightness, too?

How to Add the Spring 2011 Fashion Trend to Your Clothes


floral spring trend

Photo: Ny Mag

As seen on the runway and in stores, floral is back in a big way, literally. You’ll find smaller flowers but also huge floral prints that you’ll love, despite the fact that your grandma may have the same item in her closet. This is one of the easiest trends to transfer into the work place. Keep a look out for floral blouses, floral cardigans even some pencil skirts with flowery fabrics are just fine for work. Feel free to wear a headband with flower embellishments too, but make sure you don’t go overboard. Flowers should be an accent to your outfit at the office, not all over.

Bright Colors:

spring 2011 trend

Photo: NyMag

This spring, everyone will be donning bright colors and we mean electrically bright. Oranges, chartreuses, reds, purples, you name it – they’re here and very saturated. This is another trend that you should work sparingly in the mix. If you’re wearing a bold orange cardigan, then keep your blouse and bottoms neutral. One of our favorite ways to infuse your professional look with color is by accessorizing. A bold necklace or bracelet will make your wardrobe pop, but allow people to still take you seriously.

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