Fashion Week Spring 2008 Trends: Sequins

Those of you who had the foresight to purchase a bedazzler, should be praised for your trendcasting abilities. Sequins, the embellished fabric of choice for divas, drags queens, and my late grandma, is popping up on everyone’s runways and gold sequins will dominate evening wear during the spring/summer 2008.

Since I’m genetically predisposed to love sequins, I can’t wait to rock a gold dress, like this one from Michael Kors.

MICHAEL%20KORS Kors 256 medium Fashion Week Spring 2008 Trends: Sequins
Michael Kors Spring 2008
Photo:Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

P.S. I’ve seen a lot of celebs this week, but my sighting of Jessica Simpson at the Michael Kors show was nothing short of magically. She looked.. well.. stunning… and yes, the boobies are really that big.