Spring 2008 Fashion Trends

In: Feminine dressing, thin belts, head scarves, pencil skirts that are knee length or longer, sequins, metallics, silk jersey and chiffon, hats, clutches, dressing up, colors- orange, rose, lavender, green and silver, the new neutral.

Out: wicker and raffia shoes, ultra short skirts and shorts, peasant skirts, jersey knits, babydoll dresses, lots of black and/or other dark colors, loud geometric prints

The take away: Focus on fit and quality- less on brand. Go cheap on accessories like the skinny belt (can get from forever21, target, hm) and metallic purses. Shop now (while some stores still have some summer merchandise on sale) for spring/summer colors like lavender (saw light weight early fall sweaters in lavender at Macys and plus size store Ashley Stewart that could be purchased now for spring).

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  1. Chrissy says

    WHAA?? Babydoll dresses are out?! I just bought a few of them at Forever 21!! They look great on you when you’re pear shaped! I’m soo sad.

  2. Jay says

    Girl, I say go ahead and rock that baby doll dress. You can pair it with some tights and the WAY “in” ankle boots. Or throw on some leggings and some metallic gold, or whatever color would match, ballerina flats….

  3. Farah says

    Just saw the Vera Wang show on E! and there was not one thing nice to say about her spring collection. What is with the chiffon potato sacks? Why would I want to make my butt look 3 times its size?

  4. t says

    Babydoll dresses only make pear shapped girls look like they are pregnant, seriously very few men find that look attractive.  What you want is a low empire waist, at most.  Also, I wouldn’t go cheap on metallics, you can always tell.

  5. says

    great takeaways for spring!

    for those of us not in the know…can you explain how one gets invited to fashion week, and maybe give us a play by play of the show schedules, how you decide which shows to attend, how seating is determined at a show, etc.? we want details!! :)

  6. stephanie says

    The Baby-doll dresses are gonig out of style? What is going on…I bought like 50 of them at forever 21 and Macys the other day. My boyfriend says that I look hott in them. So I am still going to wear them…who is with me!

  7. Lauren says

    My best advice for those concerned about fashion trends vs. the stuff they love the most: WHO CARES WHAT IS “IN”—ITS YOUR OWN PERSONAL STYLE THAT REALLY COUNTS!!  If you wanna rock the baby doll dress, do it!!  Whats “fashionable” at the moment, won’t necessarily look great on everyone … if you look great in Baby Doll dresses … then wear them!  They look great paired with a great Motorcycle Jacket or a cute pair of boots!

    p.s. I’ve never actually attended a Fashion Week event … but the rumor is … all you have to do is say your a student at FIT (or Parsons, or wherever) and your interested in learning more about it for a class (blah, blah).  It might work, it might not … its just the rumor I’ve been dealt.

  8. says

    You don’t have to ditch half your wardrobe whenever a new trend emerges.  About those babydolls.. just get a few “in” or timeless/classy accessories to match them and you’re set.  Style is never out of fashion 😉

  9. Suz says

    im going to a wedding in may 2008…. just want to get a head start on what to wear..want to wear somrthing unique….might get it made…any ideas???

  10. Katie says

    for your wedding go soft, flowy,  possibly on the neutral side. look up some color trend reports – they’re everywhere. This spring has disappointed me with the exception of dolce and gabbana and Ralph Lauren. but this season is unimaginative and expected. Vera Wang… what happened?!

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