Spring 2008 Color Forecast

It’s hard for me to plan what I’m going to wear tomorrow, let alone next year. However, for the folks at Fashion Trendsetters, planning what color you’re going to wear a year from now is big business. The trend forecasting gurus recently released their Spring 2008 Color Forecast and it looks like fashion continues it’s battle with schizophrenia with two very different volumes of color forecasts- one dark and bold full of reds, purples, and the greens and the other a carry over from this season’s pastel trends- soft and sweet full of colors like periwinkle, cotton candy pink and lemon.

So what does this mean for budget fashionistas? While other shoppers are stocking up on whites, pale pinks, and lemony yellows, you should head straight for the sales racks with the reds, violets (which looks great on darker skin) and emerald greens.  Then wait until the end of June/late July to scoop up all the pastels.

P.S. Dresses will continue to be a major force and cotton will make a big comeback in 2008.

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