What to Buy Spring 2007: The Eighties Look


Whether we like it or not, the eighties are back this summer- bring chunky bracelets, oversized ballet tops, and bright hued dresses with it. However there’s a bright note- at least stone-washed jeans were left back in the “me” decade

  • Ballet Neck Sweater, $29.00 at Newport News.com

  • Victoria’s Secret Dropwaist Dress, $55

  • Satin Tie Collar Halter, $38.00 at Torrid.com

  • One Shoulder Animal Print Dress, $75.08 at Asos.com

  • Amelia Dress, $15.80 at forever21.com
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  1. Bree says

    I just bought that dress from Forever 21 and its the most comfortable dress I ever had, I know i’ll be wearing it all summer

  2. says

    I’m a fan of the dresses, but not the chuncky bracelets.  It is about time to get that Spring shopping done! I heard Lord and Taylor has a pretty good Spring selection.  It’s all my female co-workers have been talking about.

    Thank God Winter is over!!!

  3. anna says

    the sad thing is that when you will look back at eighties clothes you will prolly be like – wth? i do like the yellow dress. I wish it was a creamier butterier color.

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