Three Fall Necessities Worth the Splurge

Comfortable, Ultra Chic Boots

Dolce Vita Nuri Suede Ankle Boots

Dolce Vita Nuri Suede Ankle Boots from Urban Outfitters

In addition to sneakers, nude stilettos and black pumps, every woman must own a pair of comfortable fall boots. Whether you prefer ankle boots, knee highs or even the thigh high variety, this fall shoe is an absolute necessity. You can pair it with dresses, jeans and a hoody, leggings and a blouse, and everything in between. To get the most bang for your buck, I recommend choosing a fall boot that’s somewhat neutral and unadorned. Ultra trendy or heavily ornamented boots probably won’t stay in style past the season whereas classic silhouettes in a neutral shade will last a good five to 10 years.

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