How Spending Money is a Lot Like Dating

When I think about it, knowing when to spend money on something is similar to dating advice.  I mean, there’s love at first sight (I must have this now), heartbreak (I seriously thought that hat was the ONE?), regret (remind me again why I spent all that time and money?) and of course, euphoria (I haven’t felt this wonderful about a pair of heels in ages).  The most important thing when it comes to knowing when to spend money on an item is to make sure it’s totally right for me (and here’s the not-so-exciting  part) while taking into consideration all that fun stuff like bills, loans and gas prices. Whether I’m considering dropping $5 or $105 on an item, here are some things I ask myself—à la dating style—before I spend.

Why You Shouldn’t Settle

Am I Settling? 

Am I Settling?

I love a good sale.  However, while a $12 knit sweater seems too good to be true, if the knit is too loose and it’s starting to lose its shape, I’ll pass. Sure, getting it wouldn’t send me into financial distress, but it wouldn’t look so hot (nor keep me feeling that way either), so I’m not going to settle just for the sake of a great price.  Quality matters and I like having lasting relationships.  That goes for clothing AND men!

Will I Want to Get Together Again? 

Will I Want to Get Together Again

Sort of like love at first sight, what seems great at first may not be worth the time of day later.  I went to a thrift store recently and a gorgeous sapphire blue blouse caught my eye big-time.  Not only was it my favorite color, but it was only $4 and I couldn’t resist thoughts of offsetting its old-school style with a pair of trendier jeans.  The problem?  I haven’t worn it once.  I admit, I got caught up in the moment surrounded by so many fabrics and styles, the great music piping throughout the store, and the to-die-for prices.  So, be aware of occasions that seem wonderful at first, only to have “what on earth was I thinking” questions later.

Am I Rushing into This?

Am I Rushing Into This?

I’m a nice person.  Some have said I’m too nice.  As in, “but the poor sales lady just told me her sad life story of how she’s struggling to make ends meet and I know that purchasing this $125 hat will make us BOTH feel better.”  Ugh.  If not that, I tend to rush into a decision, especially after a crummy day.  Coffee’s a good fix, but those booties will elevate my mood even more.  Then reality sets in when I spot the aforementioned sales lady living it up in Jimmy Choos while sipping $15 cosmos later that evening.  Hmmmph.  Point is, I’m all about taking my time and making sure what I purchase is worth it for me, and only me.

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