Special for Our Petite Friends: AAA Bras Now Available

What: The online petite lingerie shop, Lula Lu, recently launched a line of bras that come in the super petite size of AAA.

What They Say: “This new collection from Lula Lu fits and flatters women sizes 32AAA to 36AAA. With styles ranging from simple to sexy, the AAA bra cup is flawless enough to fit the frame of any small-busted woman. Treasure your chest with a few favorites from the AAA collection”

What We Say: This might be a great alternative to the sports bra or to stuffing your bra with sometimes uncomfortable cutlets/inserts in order to fit into larger cup sizes. However, we’re not exactly sure how this differs from, say, a AA size bra and unless you just want to wear a bra, we’re not sure it’s worth the $54 price tag.

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  1. says

    How do you measure for proper bra size? Have read two diffeent procedures, resulting in two different sizes. Also different brands seem to require a different size. Finding a proper fitting bra is a real challenge. Just when you find a good fitting one they change the style and you start all over.

  2. says

    Florence – Another blogger I read has used this online bra calculator with a lot of success. It seems to be more accurate than some others out there. Measurements should be given in cm.


    Also, going to a better department store (like Nordstrom) and asking for a bra fitting is a good idea. You don’t have to buy anything (although the sales associate will surely try to put pretty bras on you in the hopes you DO buy something), and you’ll come out of it with a better idea of what size you are.

  3. Kate says

    It is exactly what I was looking for. I have size 32 and it is not so easy for me to find it in those lovely designs with laces and sheer fabrics. Luna Lu looks affordable and have very elegant petite fine lingerie.

  4. Emily says

    I understand if you are very small in your torso and chest and you need a small bra. But the woman in this picture needs to gain weight, not buy a smaller bra. The fact that a AAA even exists scares me. You can see her ribs! What are you trying to promote here? Small bras, or emaciated, waif like bodies?

    • says

      Emily- We really do try to support ALL women, including those who are thin and/or petite. There are some women, who are just as “normal” as you and I, who need a product like this.

      There is no need to put down others to make ourselves feel better.

  5. Anne says

    OK, I just had to jump in here and say that just because you have a small bust, it does not mean you are anorexic. I am a 34AA (and sometimes those are too big…) but a size 10 in pants. It’s just my natural body shape, and I am obviously in no way a waif.
    I personally think this line of bras is great!! I have such a terrible time finding bras that fit, and the ones that do are never pretty.

  6. Anonymous says

    Emily, I honestly thought the same thing about the model–she looks very, very thin. However, this website is the only–or one of the only–place in the US to buy 36AAA, which is what I need, so, I’m grateful. (For those of you who wonder why someone with a bra size this small even wears one–often people with this size are that way because of underdeveloped breasts, which, oddly enough, means a prominent nipple. It’s very obvious in most shirts when I’m not wearing a bra. I sometimes wear camis, but, to get them in a small enough bust size, I have to suck in my stomach all day, which gives me back pain.)

  7. Anonymous says

    If you watch Olympics or other sports events, AA or AAA sized women are easy to spot, for example top American Olympic Distance Runners of 2008, Shannon Rowbury. I challenge any woman to claim that she is healthier than Shannon or other top athletes like her, just because she’s got bigger boobs or non visible rib cage.

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