Yea or Nay: Spanx Swimwear

Going to the beach or the pool is possibly one of the more stressful occasions in a lady’s summer. We all worry about those lumps and bumps that used to hide under our clothes (our oh-so-safe clothes!) that will now be out for the world to see. Well, as a seemingly natural extension of Spanx body tightening underwear, there is now…drum roll, please…Spanx swimwear. In one pieces, separates and bikinis, Spanx now, for no small fee, is offering you basically, external versions of what we’ve kept hidden.

Now, it’s hard to tell how effective said bathing suits are on the models—they obviously need no slimming assistance whatsoever—but will they be as awesome on regular women like us? And can they actually do anything in bikini form?

Spanx Swimwear: Yay or Nay?

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