Your Own Spa Day For Under $50

We all love being pampered, but sometimes, spa treatments can get a bit expensive. (Okay, maybe more than sometimes.) Massages, facials, and manicures are all so relaxing, but combined, they can cause more anxiety than they are worth due to the high cost. So, how can you regularly get those relaxing treatments instead of your once a year splurge? By doing it yourself, of course! Now, we know that many of you quickly paint your nails while keeping up with the Kardashians, but is that really relaxing? Come on, fashionistas! Treat yourself to a spa day in your own home for under $50. Here’s how:

Have Your Spa Day for Under $50!

Step 1: Choose a day and stick to it.

Choose a DayFlickr Creative Commons

Mark it on your calendar. Cancel your plans. Arrange for someone else to watch the kids, and for heaven’s sake, don’t do any household chores or laundry that day! Remember, you’re at the spa; it just happens to be in the comfort of your home. Don’t forget to unplug your house phone and turn your cell phone on silent.

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  1. Rita Woods says

    Wow!!! Kathy, I follow your blog every day. I am so very proud of you. Continue sharing your fashionista expertise with the world. Remember our motto: Shop on!! Shop on!! Shop on!!

    Be blessed in all that you do.

    Your cousin,

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