is Still A Generic Shopping Search Engine: Site Re-Review

Site Re-Review is a new series on TBF where we revisit site’s we’ve reviewed in the past

The Lowdown: Laura checks back on, which wants to be your one and only online shopping companion. Instead of heading to Google or Amazon, SortPrice suggests you search for your favorite apparel items on its generic looking search engine, which grabs basic product and price information from select retailers (read our previous review).

Our Review: isn’t very original. Google and Bing have mini-search engines for product searches as well as sites like and massive online warehouses like The site’s design is generic. SortPrice is really just one more way to find stuff. Is is the best way? Definitely not. Is it worth a session or two of searching? Maybe.

In order to accurately assess It’s important to understand how these independant shopping search engines make money. Sites like SortPrice make money by importing a feed of deals and products from retailers who offer them a fee for a percentage of every sale you make on the site. This relationship is called an affiliate partnership and tons of sites (including TBF, CNN, ShopStyle, FabSugar, etc) use this as a legal way to provide links to products and online coupon codes. Cool, everyone has to make money. The issue with some of the shopping search engines is that they ONLY feature products and coupons from those retailers have an affiliate partnership with, which means if another site has a better deal, but isn’t paying out an affiliate fee, that deal will not be included in the search engine.

End result: the deal you get may not be the best deal.

Back to….

That being said, SortPrice does feature a respectable selection of apparel retailers, ranging from the Buckle to Macy’s. If you’re looking for a pair of shoes, for example, you’ll be able to peruse shoes from about 19 stores, and in effect, find a nice pair of shoes. You can also search by price, color, and store, as well as write and read reviews. However, you can do this with Microsoft’s Bing AND get cash back.

Our Verdict: SortPrice is nothing special. However, it makes sense for shoppers to put a few online shopping search engines to work, rather than just one (say, Google). And SortPrice, as underwhelming as it is, is worth a try – after all, its specific selection of retailers may be right up your alley. Worth a bookmark maybe, but should not replace your other online shopping sites.

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  1. says

    What a waste of money!

    As a merchant I was told that there were 320,000 searches per month in my category. I received 5 clicks in a month, most of them being my own tests. I have to think that they just made this number up now to get me to sign up.

    Now that I want to cancel my account they pull out a 50% refund policy! That is pretty average!

    I would strongly suggest staying away!

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