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Being organized is always in style, and there’s no reason that workplace fashion needs to end at those hot python pumps you’re rockin’. But, like everything else, we’re not going to spend a fortune on staplers and clipboards and let’s face it, cute trendy pens are a luxury, not a need. Still, what you surround yourself with while you go through the daily grind can have a big impact on your attitude, so if you can get style without emptying out your 401K, we’re all about it. Enter, a website devoted to keeping your desk neat, and chic.

The Site: We love the tagline—“Office style in a manila world”—and on first glance, we know that if we could have our perfect office (read: one that is not just a desk and laptop buried under sticky notes and empty mocha latte cups) it would be pimped out with these fab supplies—ranging from chic binders to art-deco-ish paperweights to zebra-striped file folders. The prices? For the style factor, overall very doable—$8.25 for this black and white divided desk tray won’t exactly break the bank. Still, some of the prices are a bit out of the budget bounds—$73 for the Signature Black Book? We’ll pass. And we like it, but do we really need a Flora Orange Cork Board for $35? Not so much.

Navigation is as easy as it should be, and clicking on “blog” at the top takes us to The Office Stylist—where the resident work style expert dishes on the latest trends, tips, and goods, as well as the latest deals. What we like best? It’s not revolutionary, but Sortingwithstyle features gift certificates, which just might be the perfect gift for that co-worker, friend or new grad—you know, the one who either a) already has everything or b) needs a little, ahem, help.

Our verdict: Honestly, we could go either way. Because there’s really nothing here so revolutionary—or inexpensive—that you couldn’t just head down to the local Target or Office Max and get something equally cute for the same price (or less), and skip the shipping charges. But as a time saver or fun gift—cause your so busy at work you don’t have time to hit the WalMart—this might be the site for you.

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  1. Rochelle Nigri says

    Thank you for this posting. I found some fantastic magnets I would like to purchase from them. Do you happen to have any coupon codes for them?

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