Sonia Rykiel at Asos: Really Cute and Really Expensive

What: Favorite french designer Sonia Rykiel recently partnered with the international celebrity look for less site,,  on a “budget” friendly line, featuring tons of very cute dresses with the signature Rykiel stripes.

From the blog Share My Fashion Addictions:
As soon as I saw Asos home page stating “Sonia Rykiels chic parisian style” I knew I had to take a peek. Images of Carrie Bradshaw in Paris somehow sprung to mind. And I’m glad they did. I’m never one to fall in love with an entire line of clothing so this was an exception.

More Dresses:

What We Say: The line is adorable.. but.. $500 bucks for a dress is not budget. In fact, you can find Sonia Rykiel main label pieces at outlets like Last Call Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue outlet for much less than $500, so why pay $500 for the bridge line. My advice? Wait until TopShop opens in New York this spring.


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  1. EmilyKennedy says

    $500 a piece??  That’s like twenty cute dresses from Forever 21?  Sure ten of them might fall apart, but that’s still a new dress every third week for the rest of the year.

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