What: Estee Lauder will be shuttering its Prescriptives beauty line by the time 2010 rolls around. The reason – clearly – is the recession, as Estee Lauder (wisely) has decided to reallocate funds to other more profitable lines. They’ll continue selling Prescriptives products until everything’s all gone, but the favored Calyx fragrance will still be sold at retailers for the foreseeable future. No one’s officially said it yet…but we’re guessing prices may go down because of all of this.

What Estee Lauder Says:

You may have recently heard that Prescriptives has made the difficult decision to close its retail counters globally, effective January 31, 2010. You can continue to purchase your favorite Prescriptives products here at www.prescriptives.com for US shipping while inventory lasts.

What We Say: If you’re a fan of Prescriptives, make sure to stock up on your favorite items before they’re gone. If you already buy Prescrives cosmetics, you may like this deal, which entitles you to five free products if you spend $32.50 or more. Although $32.50 is rather specific…guess they’re making you buy that extra lip stick just to make the grade.