Solio Charger: Go Green

Perhaps you’re like the average American and you’ve found yourself suddenly surrounded by small electronic devices that (feasibly) make your life easier. With those time saving wonders come lots of plugs and cords that get tangled up and lost just when you need them. What’s an eco-minded tech-savvy guy or gal to do? Check out the Solio, an all-purpose charger powered by solar energy.

Whether you’ve got a Blackberry, a PSP or your standard cellular telephone (or all of the above) the Solio Charger can whip them all into shape with just a few hours of sun bathing its three-winged solar panel. It only takes one hour of sunshine to get twenty minutes of talking (more when idle) on your cell or fifty minutes of tunes on your MP3. (They recommend you charge it up for several hours for optimum charging power.) Your PDA and Bluetooth are also welcome at the party, and you can check on all of your handheld devices at their site to see if it’s compatible with your personal collection.

Another reason to shell out $79 for a charger is this frightening stat from Solio:

Over the next five years, we will import and use 2.5 billion chargers for handheld electronics in the U.S. alone. These chargers will create a total of 9 billion kilograms of carbon – equivalent to the pollution created by five year’s-worth of driving by 1.8 million American cars.

What the . . . ? So not only are you helping out your Mother Earth, you’re eliminating your electronics clutter in your home and promoting alternative energy. Bonus – when you travel you only have to remember that one item – less panic upon unpacking. Even if your adventures take you to the land of the midnight sun, the Solio is a hybrid, so you can charge it up when needed.

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