Solar Powered Bus Shelters: Green News

Instead of wasting electricity on bus shelter ads, Miami has agreed to let a company called Fuel Miami to install 600 solar-powered bus shelters. Since advertisements aren’t going away anytime soon, powering their lights with solar energy is an excellent idea. Miami gets bus shelters for free, while Fuel Miami advertises without the cost of electricity, according to Yahoo’s green blog, EcoGeek . Each shelter saves about 2 tons of C02 emissions, reducing the city’s carbon footprint by 1200 tons.

The brand new shelters look so clean and bright, a perfect, cheery and at night, brightly lit place to wait for the bus. We’re excited about the promise this innovation holds . . . what’s stopping them from creating a solar-powered Times Square? If all lit-up advertisements were solar-powered, America’s carbon footprint would be reduced drastically. Now, if we can get that windmills-in-NY plan going…

Image: EcoGeek

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