Smart Shoppers Shop AFTER Christmas


It has taken all the will power I could muster up not to venture out to the post-christmas sales (the day is still young). Merchants are offering amazing discounts to the shoppers (including discounts on select spring items), in order to make up for dismal sales this Christmas. According to an AP article, the rise of the gift card has had a cooling effect on pre-holiday sales as shoppers wait for the post holiday sales to spend their plastic dough. Not only is this the time to pick up staples like winter coats (50-60% at Macy’s) or a designer purse (extra 30% off at Saks Fifth Avenue Outlet), but it is also a great time to start on next year’s holiday and birthday shopping. Pick up items like wrapping paper, holiday decorations, home products, etc. Even electronics like DVD recordable players (we purchased one for $88.88 at Wal-Mart) are dirt cheap and would make someone an excellent birthday gift. 

P.S. The single minded focus of merchants on commercializing christmas has had a hidden benefit for my friends who celebrate other holidays like Kwaanza and Chanukah. This year these holidays fall after Christmas, giving shoppers who celebrate these holidays the opportunity to scoop up on the post Christmas deals for their presents.


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