SkinMilk Shaving Milk

What: Robin attempts to shave her legs using SkinMilk Shaving Milk, $4.99.

The Lowdown: In confiding with some close girlfriends, I’ve come to realize I’m not unlike many women who grab a razor in the shower and quickly mow over their legs with nothing more than some warm water and whatever soapy residual is left after sudsing up. I can’t even remember the last time I bought a bottle of shaving cream. But with the super cold weather these days, I’m looking a little reptilian, and I’m itching like crazy. Enter SkinMilk Shaving Milk. Aside from the “milk” part of the name, which sounded soothing and nurturing to me, the bottle says it “forms a protective moisture barrier that allows the razor to glide effortlessly.” It also says it’s for shaving and moisturizing, and since multi-tasking is a survival technique in my household, I was in. When I smoothed it on, it spread nicely and evenly, with a cocoa-buttery, vanilla scent that’s not too overwhelming (it’s even shimmery, though that doesn’t last after its washed off). My shave? Not so eventful, but it was quick, and nick-free. The best part was once I emerged from the shower, I patted myself dry and my legs were soft and already felt moisturized. The vanilla smell stayed for a couple hours, too.

Yea or Nay: Yea, especially if you’re in a time crunch and you need to flip a coin between shaving or slapping on some moisturizer.

Buy It: @ CVS.

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