Site I Like: You May Now Kiss the Blog

Kate Elizabeth Adams is getting married.

To chronicle the anxieties and joys faced by a bride-to-be, she created the brilliant and perhaps the most creative blog I’ve seen in a very longtime, You May Now Kiss the Blog. In the blog, Kate ponders questions like “whose wedding is it anyway” (answer: everyone except yours) and “Is $13,000 too much to spend for a wedding photographer?” (answer: H-E-L-L yes—I had a New Times Photo journalist for a quarter of that price, plus you rarely look at those pictures again). Told in a combination of animated vignettes and witty prose, her blog reminds me of the sheer craziness of my ghetto fabulous wedding (I “fired” my first maid of honor).  I just wish I had been as creative and as sane as Kate.

Check out You May Now Kiss The Blog

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