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Sutori is a new site where consumers post their experiences about a particular company or product. Once your review is posted, other consumers post their comment to your article and select whether they agree with your assessment or not. The more folks agree with you the more impact your experience has on the store’s/product’s goodwill meter. 

I like Sutori because the site focuses on experiences rather than just products. I often like a product (s) that a stores sells, but hate shopping at the store. Conversely,  there are some stores that sell things I’m not too keen on, but have such great customer service that it compels me to spend. I like the fact that there is now a place, besides this blog, where I can air my shopping grievances.  Since the site is so new (barely 3 months old), it’ll be interesting to see if retailers start to use it as a tool to monitor their customer service.

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    Thanks so much for the kind words Kathryn. If you have any suggestions about how Sutori could be even more useful to you, please drop me a line at john (at) sutori (dot) com.

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