Site I Like: IGIGI

Yuliya Zeltser is a designer—a designer who actually designs clothing for plus size fashionistas (her sketches are available for viewing on the site). Yuliya’s designs aren’t mere copies of “mainstream” designers or simply larger sizes of designs proportioned to fit a size 6. No, she designs beautiful empire waist satin gowns, sexy stretch tops with strategically placed cut outs, and flare leg pants with slits up the side made specifically for those of us who wear a size 12 or higher. Yuliya’s focus on providing plus size fashionistas with true glamorous options can be seen in her design philosophy:

“When designing, I always imagine how a woman will feel in the garment,” comments Yuliya, “I try to determine if the clothes will make her more excited about where she is going. Will she feel more feminine, sensual and seductive?” she continues. “Many customers write to say my clothes make them feel virtually invincible, like a goddess. That’s what makes it all worthwhile to me.”

Though the items range in price ($30-$50 for a top, $60-$200 for dresses), they’re pieces that you’ll actually want to wear over and over again.


Polka Dot Dress With Shrug,