Site I Like: Gotham City Online

No matter how many pairs of shoes I buy, I always seem to live in just one or two pair. This summer, my favorites were a pair black canvas skimmers from Target and a pair of Kenneth Cole Reaction metallic slides from Gotham City Online for $9.99.

I found Gotham City Online (GCO) while searching for shoes online at eBay. This online store is a viable alternative to, the great, but expensive, online shoe store.  GCO features a huge selection of shoes from designers like Michael Kors, Kenneth Cole, and Coach.  They also sell more Aerosole shoes than Aerosole stores and seem to have a warehouse full of Ralph Lauren Wellies. Almost all their shoes are priced least 50% off the retail price and have a wide ranges of sizes, from size 4 to 13.5.

Now here’s where GCO differs from similar sites- they offer many of their styles on ebay, with auction prices starting as low as $9.99 for a pair of Aerosole pumps. I even found a pair of Michael Kors black suede crepe sole heels with an auction starting price of $19.99, up to $90 off the retail price.


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  1. A.W. says

    Good site, but the selection of sizes seems to be very limited (extremely limited when it comes to boots). Seems to me you’ll find a much greater selection if your feet are tiny (size 5-6), than if they’re a size 8-8 1/2, like mine.

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