Still Keeping Coupons in Your Wallets? Leave ‘Em to the 2000 and Late Era and Try Unclipt

What: Unclipt is a website and an iPhone app that lets you find, track, save, and organize promotions and sale items by store, brand or interest.  The iPhone app lets you take your lists with you wherever you go, which means that your days of clipping coupons, e-mailing yourself sales dates, and online sale shopping five websites at a time are OVER!

Unclipt Site Review

The Lowdown: Brilliant. Also, once you make an account you can browse sales, deals, and promotional items from our featured feeds and interest categories!  Additionally, you can create an Unclipt feed that you can share with your friends and family so everyone can get in on your cheap finds!  

Unclipt Feed

This could be a cool tool for fashion bloggers with financial sense – I could totally see someone gaining a following because they share where all the hot deals are for someone of a similar fashion sense.  Not into clothes?  Unclipt isn’t just for garments – if you want to save on groceries, athletics, or healthcare – you can do all of that on your on account, as well!

The Bottom Line: I love it. I’m one of those gals who cringes when she sees people pulling out coupon wallets when paying at  a store, even though I’m secretly jealous that if you do it right, you can save big bucks.  Unclipt is a cool and savvy way to save money without all of the mess – which is just the look I’ve been looking for!

Check out our budget finds on Unclipt > Explore. We’re honored to be among the Bloggers Best picks.

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