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In a world where we seemingly compete to see who can pack the most into each day, any gadget, gizmo, or service that can save us a few extra minutes—not to mention a few extra dollars—is a godsend. And wants to add its name to Mount Olympus. Instead of having you obsessively check your favorite clothing sites, you can simply plug in the URL of the product and your e-mail address, and alerts you when the items you’re stalking go on sale.

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You see a sweater you love but it’s out of your price range, and you don’t have time to stare at your computer for days on end waiting for it to go on sale? Don’t worry—this site does the staring for you.  Wondering where you might find some stellar deals on metallic skinny jeans? Done—another feature of the site is culling deals from around the Web that you might have missed on your own.

There’s a button you can install on your computer that you click on while browsing your way through Internet’s clothing racks and  find something worthy of remembering for later– this saves you the hassle of copying and pasting into the alerts section of the site. One-two click, and it’s saved in your pile of favorites. You can then keep these favorites organized all in one place (more than you will in your actual closet!). A little like Pinterest, in that way, except that Pinterest won’t ping you with an e-mail every time the price changes. (And really, isn’t that the most important part?)

On the flipside, the site appears to be still in Beta mode, and the overall look of the site is pretty bare-bones. Meh. Not such a big deal if it’s going to let me get that sweater I’ve been ogling for 40% less than what it originally cost.

The Bottom Line. Great idea for the fashionista who is short on time but knows what she wants and knows what price she’s willing to pay.

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