Site Review: IFashionNetwork: A Fashionable Mess

The Lowdown: Laura reviews, a “high-end”, high-energy fashion magazine focusing on runway looks, style tips, and emerging designers

Laura’s Review: Let’s start off with the good. does have a few really helpful articles and solid designer photo galleries, making it a pretty site with some real pretty pictures. Women who love couture could easily waste time here (but we suggest heading over to

However….. the content in some of their sections, like the “iNews” and “iBeauty”, reads like content you good get from any of the article content farms.. For example, an article about “finding the perfect birthday gift for your significant other” suggests a wallet for the guys and jewelry for the girls. Wow, like we couldn’t think that one up ourselves!

The community forums are far from hopping, the sample sales are outdated, there’s only one party listed in the “fashion parties” part of the site, and the news is anything but exclusive, and in fact reads more like regular old blog posts.

The Verdict: While we love the idea and look of, there’s just too many sites that do it way, way better.

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