Simply Good Media Blogs Transition to Green Servers


Simply Good Media, which includes yours truly, The Budget Fashionista, as well as a host of other budget blogs including See Jack Shop, The Budget Ecoist, The Budget Casa, and The Budget Bambino, is walking the walk when it comes to its business.

This past weekend Simply Good Media moved all of its web assets to Rackspace servers. Our new Rackspace server environment uses eco-friendly components such as:

* Powerful, low voltage processors;
* Energy-efficient hard drives and RAM; and
* Carbon offsets.

In the U.S. Rackspace is working with The Green Grid and NativeEnergy, a leading national marketer of renewable energy credits and carbon offsets. It supports the Owl Feather War Bonnet Wind Farm project in South Dakota and the Schrack dairy methane project in Pennsylvania.

We’re proud to support and evolution or more environmentally-friendly business practices. The future is green . . .

The Green Grid

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