Signature By Levi Strauss Fall 2011 Preview


What: TBF hits up Levi Strauss to check out their Fall/Holiday 2011 denim collection.

What They Say: Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. jeans are comfortable, fashionable, and best of all – affordable! In this economy we are all looking for ways to save money, and Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. jeans retail for under $25 without sacrificing quality, fit or style

What We Say: Great price but bland styles. In this day and age denim has been bleached, sand blasted, colored, and ripped. With their jeans being priced under $25 we wanted to see a little more style instead of the same old dark blue jeans with the same old choices of bootcut and straight leg. We know Levi’s is a classic brand with classic styles, but, as with any other brand we think their styles should accommodate the times. Although they have it for girls, we think Signature By Levi Strauss could have added the skinny jean, flare leg, or even jeggings to their women’s collection. Even a colored jean in the straight leg style would have been cool.

We will admit that for the price, the jeans are made of good quality and are a perfect choice for a family on a budget. We were fans of the totally slimming mid rise straight leg jean because of its rich darkness and butt cleavage prevention. It also looked the most modern.

While we weren’t completely impressed with the Fall denim collection we did like that they added tummy shaping technology around the waist, what woman couldn’t use a little extra tummy control in their jeans? We do think the collection would work for women who like their denim plain and simple and who likes to wear their jeans over and over again without anyone noticing.
You can find Signature By Levi Strauss at your local Walmart and Kmart.

Note: For attending this event, Alissa received a plant growing kit and organic chocolate.

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