Should Old Evergreens Be Forgot


Fresh flowers are gorgeous any time of year, especially around christmas. I love setting out flower arrangements for a party, or a few friends, or just myself; basically, I look for any reason to buy flowers. They are the perfect way to make your house look festive and special, but they can get expensive, so I have to get creative. Lush holiday arrangements don’t have to be from a fancy florist, of course: try bringing in outdoor evergreens and mixing them with a bouquet of roses from your local grocery store for $9.99—Wal-Mart and Sam’s have large bouquets that are usually no more than $12. Of course, they don’t last long, so buy them the day of the party. Or if you have the luxury of living near woods or a field, collect some gorgeous red and yellow berries.

A note: don’t try to make them into a big display outdoor greenery works better when made into small arrangements and left around the house. Get floral tape from your local craft store (I got some at Michaels for $2.99) to hold them together. A block of floral foam can go a long way toward making your amature decorations look fabulous.

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