Shoshanna Launches New Jewelry on QVC

What: Shoshanna is launching new jewelry for her line on QVC with everything under $100. To watch the launch on QVC, tune in at 10pm EST.

What They Say: “As a clothing designer, I always create looks that can be transformed by adding a bold cuff or statement necklace.  Jewelry, for me, is what makes a woman’s look her own.  It completes an outfit and expresses who she is, and who she wants to be. I design my jewelry to have the same versatility as my clothing line – a collection of pieces that can make a seamless transition from day into evening.”

~Designer Shoshanna Gruss

What We Say: Shoshanna has been a designer that we’ve long loved, but at a distance, unless we’ve found a great sale. Her dresses and other apparel are gorgeous and really expensive, ordinarily. And though we mostly know her for clothing design, we’re definitely happy to see that she’s not only branching out to jewelry, but also doing it in an affordable way, for all of us. She already had some great finds on QVC that are still available but she’s launching a few new items that add to her collection. Truthfully, these new pieces are cute, but not mind-blowing—we actually like the slightly older stuff better—but they are great versatile staples. We really like the multi-strand box chain bracelet. It’s edgy and easy for pretty much any ensemble in the book.


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