Shopseen: Site Review

One of our favorite shopping resources here at The Budget Fashionista is, well, our peeps. Having other bargain-hunting eyes and ears out there is invaluable in finding great deals—especially when we know so many happen without a billboard announcement and spotlights (though that would be nice, right?). And since online is where we live, a website where we can dish deals and get the latest scoop from other shoppers just like us? Sounds perfect … so when we heard about Shopseen we decided to see if it lives up to expectations.

Our Review: It took us a minute to realize that we had to look all the way to the top right to set our location before starting (hey, it was late …) but once we did, we thought we were going to be sold. However, as it turns out, if you live in the middle or east, oh, 9/10ths of the country, the closest items, retailers or events will be just a short 1,000 mile drive. Which isn’t really the site’s fault—it just means they need lots more users to justify adding more coverage (scrolling down, we realized that the only cities covered thus far are a handful in Cali, with New York “coming soon”).

If you do happen to reside on the West Coast, the site is actually kinda fab. Users post pics of hot items—everything from clothes to jewelry to furniture and more—they’ve seen at local stores, as well as sales they’ve happened upon (or know are coming up) and stores they love (or don’t—we also love a warning of when to steer clear …). The site is just starting out and it’s on the right track; we just hope they’re able to add some more cities soon—including the Midwest, please?—so everyone can play.

The Verdict: It’s a yea for those in the geographic range, and something for the rest of us to keep an eye on …

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