Shopping Portals Done Right: Boutique Buzz


Lately there have been quite a few shopping portal sites claiming to link web surfers like yourself (and me too) to the best shopping sites on the web. Boutique Buzz, a search friendly site linking web shopping fiends to online and offline stores, is one of the few shopping portal sites that actually accomplish the goal of being a true shopping portal.

The brand spanking new site has detailed information describing the store/site (nice size paragraphs, not two to three sentence copy written by some geeky advertising copywriter) and pictures of items that can be found in the store. I also like how I can create an account to save my favorite BB stores—a much needed feature for forgetful fashionistas. My one gripe about the site is that most of the stores are located in Chicago—which I guess is a plus for those who live in the windy city. I’m not hatin’ . . .

Visit Boutique Buzz

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  1. Mary Jane says


    Hi – if you wear a larger size, one of my favorite shopping portals is Elegant Plus. They’re GREAT for us curvy chicks!

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