Shopping Survey Findings Reveal Surprising Results

What: Findings from a recent shopping survey conducted by SteelHouse reveals surprising results about the online shopping personalities and buying behaviors of American consumers.

What SteelHouse says:  Americans’ online shopping personalities and buying behaviors are both diverse and distinct – and are not always easy to predict.  Some surprising findings: 25 percent of men say they would buy premium brand name products compared to just 16 percent of women.  Those in the highest income bracket ($75,000+) look for coupons and require discounts and free shipping more than people who make less money.

Overall, while nearly 40 percent say they always shop with a purpose to find something in particular, 30 percent say they regularly browse with no intention of buying.  Making a marketer’s job even more challenging: 12 percent say they never buy from a website on a first visit, even if a discount is offered.

What We Say: It’s not surprising to find that rich people stay rich by using coupons and deals to save money (hence, how they become rich). What is surprising is the number of people with lower incomes who don’t.

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