Shoppers Say Frugal is ‘In’

What: It looks like the country’s economic recession is shining a light on frugal shopping. According to a new survey by Zogby Interactive, 78 percent of the adults polled would rather buy a $250 item from Wal-Mart than a similar-looking item from Tiffany jewelry that costs $500. Additionally, the same poll found that nearly one-third of people have donated more of their belongings to the needy in the past year than ever before.

What They Say:
“People are moving toward a simpler, less materialistic lifestyle,” said Pollster John Zogby.

What We Say: Hello! We’ve been singing the praises of a frugal lifestyle for years. It’s great to see that the American public is finally getting on board and paying more attention to how much something costs and less attention to the logo stamped on the side of it. Again, just because something has the ‘Tiffany” stamp on it, that doesn’t mean it is better. Wearing a “Made at Tiffany” bracelet won’t fool anyone into thinking you’re rich (especially if you are riding the bus like the rest of us).

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  1. EmilyKennedy says

    So true.  Plus, even if wearing a Tiffany’s bracelet did make people think you were rich, what’s so cool about that?  Mo’ money, mo’ problems.  Being rich may seem like a neat dream, but it won’t make you a better friend, a harder worker, or a better person.

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