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If you haven’t been to the Goodwill’s new online auction site, you should head there right now. No, seriously, you should head to right this minute. While a majority of the pictures make the clothes look like they came from, well, Goodwill, there are definitely some solid finds on the site. Check out the vintage brown suede jacket, whose bid at the the time of this posting was only $15.00. And for those of you on a extreme shopping budget, there’s plenty of vintage coats for well under $20.

So how does it work? Well, local Goodwills snap shots of some of their best goods and upload them to the site (whose design is brilliantly borrowed from eBay). You bid on the items, like you do on other auction sites and winners are sent their items directly from the store. You get a great piece of fashion and help provide jobs and training for those in need.

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